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Educational Philosophy

"To draw out a student's maximum potential and to educate individuals that will contribute to society as skilled professionals."

Our University's parent organization, The Kake Educational Institution (KEI), establish the Okayama University of Science in 1964 with the educational philosophy “To draw out a student’s maximum potential”. In 1995 the Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts was established and KEI consisted of 2 universities, a junior and senior high school as well as 2 vocational schools. KEI has actively expanded in to various fields and for over 40 years seen success in education and research and in fields such as science, engineering, information, environment, medicine, the arts. In April of 2004 at the strong requests of the City of Choshi in Chiba Prefecture the Chiba Institute of Science was established with the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Risk & Crisis Management. The Faculty of Pharmacy aims to preserve and advance the health of each individual while improving the medical environment. In addition the Faculty of Pharmacy strives to educate pharmacists that are able to actively participate in and improve the local medical conditions by developing precise medicines for treatment. As the first university in Japan to established a Faculty of Risk and Crises Management, through a new academic field we are we are paving the way to living safer and more secure lives.

Message from the President

To a Healthier Safer and more Secure Future.

With the desire to educate and train individuals able to contribute to “Building a Healthy, Safe and Secure Society” Chiba Institute of Science was established in April of 2004, we are still a young university having recently celebrated our 10th anniversary. Beginning with two faculties, the Faculty of Risk & Crises Management and the Faculty of Pharmacy. In our 11th year a third faculty, the Faculty of Nursing began admitting students into the program. Students of all three faculties internalize the fundamentals of Risk & Crises. Pharmacists, Nurses, Public Health Nurses, Clinical Technologists, Clinical Engineers and Paramedics after passing national exams go on to professions that help people. Does this interest you? Perhaps are you more interested in “Maintaining Safety and Security” as a Police Officer and Firefighter or Public Official and Industry Manager. In 2010 the Graduate School with PhD program was established and in March of 2013 the first Chiba Institute of Science Doctorate was conferred. Will you accept the challenge? The Chiba Institute of Science welcomes young individuals who have set high academic goals.

The Chiba Institute of Science
President ISAO KISO

Kake Educational Institution

Our university is part of the Kake Educational Institution.

Kake Educational Institution

  • Chiba Institute of Science
  • Okayama University of Science
  • Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts
  • Okayama University of Science Specialized Training College
  • Tamano Institute of Health and Human Services
  • Okayama University of Science Attached High School
  • Okayama University of Science Attached Junior High School

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The City of Choshi is located approximately 100 km from Tokyo and 50 km East of Narita Airport. It is surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean, creating a mild climate that is relatively cool in the summer and warm in the winter with elevated humidity and a constant breeze. As Choshi is where the warm southern currents and cool Northern currents meet there is frequent fog but rarely snow accumulation. It is known for its fishing ports and soy sauce production as well as abundant agriculture, allowing it to produce 250% of the calories it citizens consume.

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